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Furthermore, parent support groups were established to encourage parents to send their children to inclusive schools and to provide assistance through that process. The model of Inclusive Education has also been presented at various international conferences and meetings and is now well-known in many countries in the Caucasus region, in Europe, and in other ex-Soviet countries.

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The success and effectiveness of the project rests on the leadership role of parents of children with disabilities, disability organizations, and constructive partnerships with all key stakeholders. In teachers from schools in two remote provinces of Armenia will be trained and their schools will be supported to become inclusive. Further, six special schools will be trained and prepared to be transformed into psycho-pedagogical support centres for inclusive Schools.

Overall Winners at Advancing Healthcare Awards Victims Commissioner connects with Bridge of Hope team. Counselling and Psychological Therapies Want to explore feelings and gain confidence in safe environment? Complementary Therapies Want to access stress relieving therapies? Personal Development Want to grow and learn new life skills? Life Coaching Want support in setting and reaching life goals? Conflict and Legacy Want to learn and explore more about our past?

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Positive Health and Wellbeing. Therapies Bridge of Hope provides complementary therapy services including aromatherapy massage and reflexology at our clinics and outreach locations. High 5 for Take 5 Campaign Local television channel NVTV puts the spotlight on the now regional Take 5 campaign, which was first rolled out across the city of Belfast in Life Coaching Clients. Try to lift them as much as possible when moving them. Use protective pads under the legs of furniture to prevent them from scratching your floor, especially when moving them.

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A polyurethane-finish hardwood floor will require rejuvenating or lifting it due to wear and tear from weather elements and human traffic. You will know it is time to take this course of action when all the above fail to restore a glossy shine. Contact your nearest hardwood floor professional for more advice on the same. Put these care tips to action, and you will keep your hardwood floor well maintained with its original sheen and beautiful always.

The critical importance of a carpet in a home is relaxing comfort after a day of hustles and bustles. Pets are a lovely company to have around. But, when you get caught up by an unexpected, and you fail to get home at your expected time, you may find the messy accident right on your carpet thanks to your pet. With the right cleaning solution, you will reverse the sorry messy state of your house in no time to what you expected to find. It might be challenging to determine the exact spot where your pet made the mess and especially if it is urine. Use UV light or backlight to track the urine spot. Mark the area that has the pet urine for cleaning.

Use odor-removing carpet shampoo for such cleaning. A carpet cleaner that contains enzymes can entirely neutralize pet odor. If you use any other carpet cleaner, it will not remove the odor and thus leave the place still smelling urine. It may cause your pet to use that spot as its litter area once again. Spray the spot with the cleaner and allow it to sit for a while before wiping it out.

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If the odor is still there, repeat the process until you are sure your carpet is completely odor-free. To make sure there is no urine spot on your carpet, recheck it with the same UV light or backlight. If it is gone, well done! But, if it is still there, you will have to follow the cleaning procedure once again.

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The odor may have gone, but there is stain spot left behind. In such a situation, you need to use a pet stain remover. You can only restore your beautiful carpet by removing all stains. There are some stain removers which double up as odor removers as well. Get one such as that to save you from double cleaning tasks to remove the odor and the stains at the same time.

The best pet odor cleaning shampoo is one with enzymatic bacteria that can deal effectively with ammonia crystals. Refrain from using any ammonia cleaning product as it will attract your pet to messing on the spot because of ammonia smell. If the pet persists to urine on your surfaces, have it checked by a vet to rule out any health issue such as infection in the kidney or urinary tract. Currently, many models of pools exist in the market, these vary according to the material with which they are made, the height or depth they possess and even the accessories with which they are equipped.

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The above-ground pools require a much simpler installation process than the conventional ones, there are some composed of tubes or pieces that can be assembled and other inflatable ones, however, there is a series of advices that are recommended to follow at the time of doing it.

The first step that must be carried out before performing this process is the verification of the land. The ground must be level, that is to say, it must not have any type of undulations since this would generate more depth in some areas of the pool and may even alter its structure. In addition, check that there are no elements such as rocks or tree roots that can damage the lower part of the structure. Also, it must be verified if the soil is strong enough to support the weight generated by the pool full of water, since a weak ground may subside and this would be harmful.

Location is another factor that must be given due attention. While this type of pool has the advantage of being able to be installed in spaces much smaller than those required by conventional pools, it must be taken into account that they are designed for specific types of environments. It is best to place them in sunny areas such as gardens or terraces. It is not advisable to install them in enclosed and small spaces such as balconies since they are generally built for wide and open spaces.

It is also recommended to install the pool near an electrical outlet. This is due to the fact that, since they are not large installations with included cleaning systems, we must purchase accessories that support the maintenance work, especially in large pools. To avoid emptying the pool every time the water is dirty, it is recommended to use small scrubbers, pool cleaners and filters or chlorinators that can be easily connected to the electrical network and can be used in pools without problems.

Bridge Of Hope
Bridge Of Hope
Bridge Of Hope
Bridge Of Hope
Bridge Of Hope
Bridge Of Hope

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