Bringing Joy To The Journey

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Sometimes we may reach what we thought was the top of the mountain, but in reality, it was just the base of another one. If we were shown the top of the big mountain we had to climb all at once, we would be intimidated. Instead, there are curves that only show a little bit of the road at a time so we can just focus on that piece. Jakes has said:.

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We tend to want to see things as a destination because it provides us a sense of certainty, finality, and accomplishment — as it should. There is no singular destination, but multiple ones.

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The question becomes how do we balance being content and grateful where we are, but also being OK striving for something greater? As Oprah Winfrey once said:. Think about driving up a mountain. Begin to think about where you are in your climb.

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Have you reached the top of one mountain and enjoying the view or prepping for the next climb? Wherever you are, that is OK. You can only get to the top one step at a time. Just focus on what the next best step is for yourself. Learn tools that can help decrease your perception of pain and pain itself.

Bringing Joy to the Source and the Journey eBook

Stop searching for motivation and start taking massive action. We grouped the Analytics with the Classic Reports. In our case, we wanted to clean up your navigation so you could focus on the things that really matter:. These are the essential things. Sometimes more is not more.

Finding Joy in the Journey

Often, more is less. Fear of inadequacy, fear of insecurity, and fear of the unknown.

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Our heroes are on a mission to bring joy to the world. In everything they do in our studio, their joy overflows to others, as they worship the Lord with Christmas carols, open their Bibles to Luke 1, persevere in developing their core skills, research during project time, all the way to the end of the day during close. We are going around the world not only to celebrate Christmas but most importantly to fulfill our mission to share Jesus with the world.

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We revisit the meaning of JOY to the world as we made our commitments at the beginning of the school year; J for Jesus, O for others, and Y for you. So we hold on to our promises to put Jesus first and tell others about the true meaning of Christmas through loving others and honoring our Father in all that we do.

Each morning, we are inspired to learn about how kids around the world spread the gospel. Our heroes are coming up with their own ways to share the gospel. One hero said she cooks food for her mom to share the love of Jesus.

Joy in the Journey, EFY 1998

Another hero wanted to collect coins in a jar to help missionaries in Asia. Many heroes agreed that singing Christmas carols tell others about Jesus. Only within the first week of our Christmas around the world quest, our motivated heroes have learned so much about their world. They researched about Christmas traditions all around the world.

They chose the countries they would like to visit, got their Chromebooks out and discovered the interesting ways others celebrate Christmas. They compared and contrasted the various Christmas traditions in their countries and their own Christmas traditions. And on their own, our heroes demonstrated their resourcefulness in doing their research by reading articles, scanning through images, or watching videos.

Our heroes can also be heard greeting one another Merry Christmas in other languages of their choice.

Bringing Joy To The Journey Bringing Joy To The Journey
Bringing Joy To The Journey Bringing Joy To The Journey
Bringing Joy To The Journey Bringing Joy To The Journey
Bringing Joy To The Journey Bringing Joy To The Journey
Bringing Joy To The Journey Bringing Joy To The Journey

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