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If you live in an apartment building, however, you might have plenty of balcony or rooftop space with which to plant a garden anyway. There are thousands of container gardens to choose from, so the style is entirely up to you. Whatever you can fit comfortably up there, have at it! While birds love baths and we love watching them, sometimes you can get a lot more enjoyment out of a birdbath by turning it into a bespoke container garden.

This idea basically combines a brick or stone walking path with an expertly curated flower bed that runs alongside.

We're Rooting for These 12 Clever Plant Hacks! - DIY Gardening and Plant Tips by Blossom

The flowers add a whole host of attraction to the place, while helping to frame the walking path. This is a project that takes a lot of time but not much money to achieve. The detail is absolutely packed in here, with container gardens, standard flower beds, a trellis fence with ivy, and a nice little furniture set to enjoy it all from. This idea takes that notion a step further, with an intricate array of alternating plant colors, expertly placed flowers, and an overall design that was planned from the get-go.

Cheap garden ideas: 18 ways to save money on your garden design | Real Homes

One look at the image above is all you need to know about how fantastic it looks. A completely natural, grown archway or really any other large scale piece is a stunning addition to any backyard.

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With a hilly backyard, this project carved out a sloped place for stone tiers, well-placed trees, and an exotic variety of flowers. It completely redefines the backyard. Here in the same backyard as our previous example, we see the other side of the lawn, as well as a closer view of that deep landscaping.

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Speaking of the landscaping, check out the cascading water feature at the center! This is a major project but one with timeless value and appeal. The stones can be chosen for their shape, color, or ease of use, and the distinct garden tiers can be used to place wildly different plant life.

We love the idea of using smaller, discreet pergolas as an entryway arch for the backyard or garden. With trellised walls , you can even weave in some ivy or roses. Not only do these look great, but they are easy to take care of since most wall gardens have built in watering systems. Even if you utilize a wall garden that does not have one of these nifty watering systems, these are easy to care for anyways since most of these have a cascade watering effect that makes sure all the plants are watered at once.

Kind of like a concept of a shadow box, these garden wall boxes are a great way to grow plants in your own living room or bedroom. The design is so great and interesting to look at. These would definitely be interesting conversation pieces to have throughout the house. Since air plants or succulents do so well with little maintenance, these would be the ideal plants to have in this sort of setup. Use several different plants in all shapes and sizes to create a truly unique look in your living space.

Wall planters not only look super great to have around your house, but they are super easy to make, too! Using items as simple as painted pails and wire could transform your living space from boring to flourishing in no time. Change it up and add funky bold colors to make the space interesting and unique. Utilizing an indoor garden has never been easier by way of these super cool garden rods! Using anything from a coat hanger rod to a curtain rod, you can easily adjust the rod to hold hanging planters and pots.

These hanging plants can be set anywhere throughout your home or even your outdoor area and provide an interesting, fresh concept everyone will absolutely love. Plant your favorite flowers, cactuses and succulents in these nifty pots and watch them flourish where they hang. Imagine being able to relax in a tub and gazing at this wonderful wall of plants after an especially stressful day? There is just something relaxing and peaceful about live, growing plants and a bathroom would be one of the best places to have them. In this concept, the wall just behind the bathtub has sprung into life by way of all these vibrant green plants.

These hanging glass terrariums are a great way to add some intrigue and living plants into a room. Since they are so tiny, they look especially good in a large number. This could even be considered a modernistic art piece because of how uniform and interesting they are. You could easily fill these with decorative rocks or shale to go along with your plants for an even more interesting look.

These are highly versatile and will no doubt be the center of attention in any room you choose to set these up in.

14 garden design ideas to make the best of your outdoor space

Make a super hip herb garden with this funky DIY concept. This is a great way to have fresh herbs all year long and add a contemporary art piece to your living space. To keep it more minimalistic, keep the wooden backboard raw or stained to add a classy look to a kitchen or side room area. Make the most out of a large wall space by utilizing a wooden palette frame.

Wooden pallets are so great because they are highly customizable, are easy to find and can be transformed into so many great home DIY projects.

here This particular palette frame incorporates tiny plants in clear votive vases while warm string lights twinkle on. The incorporation of the wood, vases and lights all work so well together, making this piece original and absolutely stunning. This would look great near a breakfast or brunch nook when gathering with friends. How do you stay eco-friendly while making space for your favorite indoor plants? Utilize all those plastic bottles, of course!

Recycle all those old soda or drink bottles and create your own hanging wall planters.

Cheap garden ideas: planting

These are cute, fun and will no doubt be impressive to anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it. Half the beauty about having plants indoors is that they can still grow the way they want. Anyone who has had creeping vines or ferns can attest to this. These plants simply look better when left to roam as they please.

Creating a hydroponic garden space is a great way to have your own hanging garden. You do, obviously, need to make sure the water supply is sufficient and that the space you are using has adequate sunlight, but other than that, these types of gardens take care of themselves.

How to Make a Contemporary Garden

This would look great in a corner or against a kitchen wall for fresh herbs all year long. Using those great recycled drink bottles, you can easily create your own hanging garden. You can set this up in either an indoor pantry area one that has sunlight, obviously or even against a bright kitchen wall. This is a fantastic way to watch over your herbs and have them easily accessible for whenever you need some fresh thyme or cilantro. People are discovering the joy of harvesting their own fresh herbs more frequently these days, and this idea brings the concept easily into your own home.

Due to the ambient light, the planters will be able to hold all kinds of plant that can get sufficient artificial sunlight. This type of wall would look great across a foyer or even down a hallway. Incorporate lights and planters with this interesting concept. By adding a planting reservoir off of a hanging lamp, you can easily set up your own hanging garden that is a sight to behold. You can easily fill these types of baskets with any kind of plant or flowering plant you prefer. You can fill your space with huge, flowering plants or keep it simple with smaller, hanging votive vases that house fresh herbs.

I appreciate the bold blue color of these particular planters, but of course you can switch up the colors for whatever you like best.

Garden Ideas (How To...) Garden Ideas (How To...)
Garden Ideas (How To...) Garden Ideas (How To...)
Garden Ideas (How To...) Garden Ideas (How To...)
Garden Ideas (How To...) Garden Ideas (How To...)
Garden Ideas (How To...) Garden Ideas (How To...)

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