Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)

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Dear reviewer, please believe me that I am not writing this solely because I am a troublesome, grumpy guy affected by his personal midlife-crisis It is just that I disagree with about every sentence you have written in your review. To date, I have read 7 of his books. My reaction to them has invariably been a combination of satisfaction and frustration. I appreciate the fact that Priest can do without much of the iconography and the adventure plots so omnipresent in most works of generic sf.

On the other hand, I tend to feel bored by his usual gimmicks, i. It is fine by me if an author decides to turn his book into one big riddle or to provide only very vague sketches of the characters. No problem. Do whatever you please. You, the author, are the omnipotent god and creator of the universe which is your text. As a reader, I will try to accept that as long as your language is extraordinary, beautiful, as long as it accomplishes some outstanding.

The novel comprises more than 30 chapters between 2 and 40 or so pages long.

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After the first few chapters, though, I began to find the passages about islands boring as they read much like similar paragraphs in ordinary guidebooks. What do I ever learn about Esla Caurer, the social reformer? Well, well. You could argue, of course, that Kammeston - as the editor of the gazetteer - came back from the grave and wrote the chapter himself - but that would not make the prose any more impressive. Two of those I found suspenseful because they employed gothic elements to good effect.

They were both set on the island of Goorn. I also liked kind of the story about Yo and Oy at the end of the book because I found it weird and funny. Who knows. Too much. Best wishes, Rainer Skupsch. Oops, I guess I had better stop rereading my posts - because I usually end up finding typos and rather bad English. Anyway, the most important reason I am stealing your time yet again is that I noticed I misquoted from a David Pringle text.

I should not have relied on my memory. Christopher Priest … has a rather flat prose style which is more than compensated for by a marvellous ability to deliver the unexpected. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The Islanders by Christopher Priest. Niall Alexander. Issue: 26 September Share this: Facebook Twitter Print Email. Like this: Like Loading About Niall Alexander. Niall Alexander is an extra-curricular English teacher who reads and writes about all things weird and wonderful for The Speculative Scotsman , Strange Horizons , and Tor. October 2, at pm. It's also very funny in places as most of Priest's work is. December 6, at pm. December 7, at pm. Current Issue. The Sloppy Mathematics of Half-Ghosts. By: Charles Payseur.

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Aboard the ghost ship Nine Lives there are the living, the dead, and a great many cats. Those Who Tell The Stories.

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    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)
    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)
    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)
    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)
    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)
    Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1) Geography of Murder (Alexander Spider Mystery Book 1)

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