Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7

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The note says that her sister is languishing and her BIL has died, hanged after being caught with illegal goods. When Knox asks her to go to her room and await his instruction, Amelia finds a way out to deftly escape from her room. When Amelia tries to come up with a viable debate on this, things heat up. The shedding of wet clothes leads to other intense and hot activities and Kade, again discovers that the only way to keep Amelia out of her wits is to have hot sex with her.

Good God! Hello, Mr. The epilogue was marvelous. It was fascinating to see the grumpy laird so happy, with his wife and the new arrival to the family- a little boy named Knox after his father. I was getting ready to finish the series, but then That totally took me by surprise, talk about cliffhanger! Who are these Mackintosh peeps BTW? Feb 01, Liv rated it really liked it Shelves: highland-romance , audiobook. It's finally Laird Knox MacKenzie's story!!!

I have been intrigued with Knox since he was introduced in "Highlander Taken. Laird Knox is appealing because he is the ultimate, brooding, eligible bachelor that any lass would love to get her hands on. His heart has been broken by the loss of his wife, as she and his Yay! His heart has been broken by the loss of his wife, as she and his son died in childbirth. The laird is playfully referred to as the "laird of laird's" by Amelia Taylor the beautiful, voluptuous, and intelligent woman who captured Knox's attention at first sight.

Amelia and her 9-year old "brother" Hamish find themselves in a fortress of protection from the trouble they fled in Edinburgh. Yet, despite Knox's evident and immediate attraction for Amelia and she for him , he can't help but feel suspicious that she withholds more than the truth of her story from him. The conflict of maintaining his princely manner while uncovering Amelia's secrets becomes the lure that reopens his heart and releases his past wounds.

And for Amelia, a gorgeous, strong, independent woman…well, she's met her match in this breathtaking man. She finally learns to release the weight of her choking responsibility, and realizes that she needs his help, and Knox is more than capable to be her hero. In this story there are secrets to uncover, trust to be gained, an injustice to address, a sister to save, a sinister gaming lord to best, and an unfolding love to get lost in.

Outlander Recap: The Wedding

I adored the crackling, hot chemistry between Knox and Amelia. I also loved how romantic Knox was as Amelia's lover. The epilogue was just amazing. As a gift, Miller allows us into the lives of the other MackEnzie brothers and the ladies who have captured their heart. Oh, I just loved the epilogue!!!

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And, there was a surprise that will surely lead into a 4th book!!! BTW, Audibleplease put the first book on audio…I'm dying to listen it!! Narrator: I really missed the texture, and beautiful voice of Gemma Johansson as she narrated the previous book. Even though Carolyn Bonnyman has a lovely, crisp voice, I had to get used to her breathing and pace. She was good though. Wishlist: I have been waiting for the release of this book, and because I adore the MacKenzie's, and really like the author, this is why I did not give up on this book, because I nearly did. The internal monologue of the heroine, as the story is told through her POV, was excessive and in need of heavy editing.

Many times, it felt as though the characters stayed motionless as she got lost in her thoughts. I couldn't help but feel like Amelia was a little ADD because of her long, extensive day dreams as she contemplated a stream of thoughts during her moments with Knox, and others. I'm hoping this problem will be caught by the 4th book. So, I'm really looking forward to Christy and Blake's story!!!

Jan 26, eyes. Wilful beauty meets taciturn Laird! Highlander Mine certainly sustains an interesting and occasionally steamy storyline. Enough of both to more than satisfy those hooked on the highlander historical romance genre. Fleeing from Edinburgh to the Highlands pursued by a dissolute and dangerous villain 'a lawless and malevolent beast' , Amelia Ami and her nephew Hamish cozen their way into a powerful Highland Laird's keep.

Outlander: Season 1 & 2

Amelia is half angle, half devil and doing all she can to protect her family. She exhibits a fiery nature, coupled with an unknowing attractiveness that marks her as a challenging burden for The MacKenzie. Witty humour runs through Ami's and MacKenzie's interchanges adding to the enjoyment of the moment.

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I laughed when MacKenzie said to Ami, "Your fiery spark and your lively beauty surpass anything I might ever have imagined. Hamish is a charming child. Given his upbringing it's a wonder that he retains his child-like trust and innocence. He provides many of the pivotal moments throughout the storyline and is the impetuous for directions that Ami might take.

Interactions with MacKenzie and others of the castle community are amusing at times, poignant at others, and always contrasting the darkness of the life Amelia and Hamish have fled. The comparison between the dangerous underbelly of Edinburgh's gaming houses and the pristine beauty and encompassing sanctuary of this highland community is at first striking in a 'noble savage' way. We are dazzled by the comparisons through Ami and Hamish's eyes.

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Yet as Miller points out through Knox and Amelia's interactions there are threats inherent in the holding of the highlands necessitating clan armed forces. In this, the city and the highlands are not so very different. The dangers are universal. An 'verra' enjoyable read! Nov 07, Lynsey A Bookish Life rated it it was amazing.

Highlander (an Episode Guide)

Oh Lairdy! Another wonderful Highlander tale and a fantastic close to the Clan Mackenzie trilogy.

Although the first-person narrative doesn't work for all romance readers, I, personally, am a big fan of this style. I love to be in the shoes of the heroine, while the hero remains more of a mystery.

I find myself much more immersed in books using this perspective. And Highlander Mine was no exception. This time, of course, it's time for Laird Knox Mackenzie to meet his match. Although Highlander M Oh Lairdy! Although Highlander Mine reads perfectly well as a standalone, followers of the series will have been waiting patiently to see this stoic, stalwart man finally get his edges ruffled. And who better to do that than the barely respectable Amelia, fresh from her escape from life in the seedy gaming halls of Edinburgh.

However, Knox has got some pretty solid walls up since the tragic loss of his first wife in childbirth.

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Does Amelia have what it takes to break through? What I especially loved about these two was how vulnerable and hopeful they were. They've both been through so much and are naturally hesitant. Of course, Amelia's hesitancy comes more from the fact that she's lying through her teeth about almost everything. Except, perhaps, for how she feels about Knox. The question is: when Knox finds out about her deception, will the fragile bond they've formed be strong enough to withstand the fallout?

Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7
Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7
Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7
Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7
Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7
Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7 Highlander Mine - Season 1 - Episode 7

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