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The novel tells us about Dan and Kimi who work for the school newspaper, and they discover That there a mysterious player on the field named Angel. They notice that he does great in football practice, but doesn't allow himself to shine on the field for some reason.

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Dan and kimi try to find the truth about Angel, trying to figure out if he is undercover somehow. In the end it will definitely be a surprise to the reader. Carl Deuker teaches the reader to never give up on yourself even if there are obstacles, and soon you will get where you want to be. I like the theme of this book because I knew never to give up on something if I wanted it. I really liked how the book focused on football and it went play by play at some points that I didn't want to stop reading.

The novel kind of related to me in some way because I play football and in my life I knew there were going to be big obstacles, but I never gave up on myself. A quote I really liked in the book was "With an eleven point lead, Ferris changed their defense, dropping their safeties deep, trying to take away the deep threat and the quick touchdown" ".

This quote I like because the author goes in deep to the game and makes you interested in reading about it every play. The action in the novel Payback Time is incredible, keeping you engaged in every sentence of the book. I would recommend this book to people that like a lot of action and are a fan of sports. Oct 26, Hunter Soerens rated it really liked it. It was very interesting to see how a reporter do their jobs. The one thing i enjoyed was how much excitement was in this book. It was interesting to hear all about college football through a reporter's eyes.

Plot A boy named Mitch is a sophomore at lincoln college. He's waiting for the results of whos the head reporter. The names are called and his name was for sports. Mitch knows nothing about sports, but that's about to Pay Back Time Personal Response To me this was a really interesting book.

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Mitch knows nothing about sports, but that's about to change. His first came he notices a person he's never seen before on the field. The kid's name was Angel. Head coach McNulty had him benched till the fourth quarter then he finally went in. Angel tore it up in there. Tackle after tackle he just kept pushing the ball farther and farther back.

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When Mitch asks McNulty to give Angel a interview he says no and don't ask again. Mitch decides to do some work on this guy. Every game that season McNulty held his star player till fourth Quarter or didn't put him in. Well Mitch finds out that Angel moved from pennsylvania after saving some kid from a gun fight. He also finds out the gang is looking for him cause Angel pointed them out of a line up for the shooting. So McNulty was just trying to keep him on the down low so he wasn't found. Pretty smart if you think about it.

Characterization Mitch Was fat but then he worked and worked on his running and the food he ate to become a little skinnier. Personal Response I would recommend this book to ay gender.

Payback Time! by Phil Town

Age wise i would say 12 and up. If people like books with adventure and excitement this is a book for them. Oct 13, Dan Hanlon rated it really liked it. There is no background information about this new kid. Mitch sees him acting odd in school and not wanting to be recognized by anyone. The coach also gives him different numbers for his jersey so people don't know who he is. Anger has great talent on the football field and Mitch wants to find out the background information on this kid and thinks that Angel really isn't a high schooler and that the coach is cheating.

Mitch goes on investigations to find out whether Angel really is a high schooler or someone else. I thought that the author did a good job of explaining how Mitch investigates to find out who Angel really is. The author did good on how the events went in order. The story starts out really slow. I think that the author could have sped up the beginning of the book because the first couple of chapters are slow but once Angel became a part of the story things changed in a positive way. The message of the story would be making tough choices and doing what is right.

In the story Mitch has to make some pretty risky decisions to find out about Angel.

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Mitch knows that finding out that Angel could be someone else than a high schooler and reporting it could make everyone hate him but he feels it is the right decision to make. This book was overall very good. I feel that it had great events throughout the story and the whole storyline was amazing. I would recommend this book to any sports fans or anyone who is interested in mysteries. Sep 12, Noah Rucks rated it really liked it.

I thought this book was great. I felt like I was there watching the games. Mitch got the job of the reporter for the sports section which he thought he would not like, because he wanted the editor position. He went to the football coach, and the coach only wanted the quarterback to be interviewed. The coach scared Mitch, because Mitch wanted to interview some other players.

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Mitch saw there was a new guy called Angel on the team which had great talent but would hide the talent. Mitch asked coach who he was but coach would not say. Mitch wanted to find out why this was. He was trying to become a reporter for a big company. He used to play football when he was younger but not in his high school career.

This takes place in a small town between the late stages of summer and beginning of the season fall. The school is called Lincoln High School and some of the book takes place there. There is lot of action on the football fields and football practice field. This could be present time or it is around the 90's.

Payback Time

The book targets people who like football and or plays the game of football. Any guy or girl could read the book but it was mostly targeting boys. Feb 15, Jenelle rated it really liked it Shelves: ya , present-day , some-swearing , abilities-talents , better-than-i-expected , audiobooks , detectives , the-whole-story-in-one-book , read-in I never would have guessed that I'd like this book. Yeah, it's got a lot of football in it, but it's also a mystery, and surprisingly clean I'm sorry, but no gang member is going to yell "I'm gonna beat the crap out of you!

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I was charmed by Mitch, too. I'm not sure I've encountered a high school male protag with quite the same personality. Anyway, pretty nice. Nov 05, Jackson Adams rated it really liked it. It was a great book with a good plot. Highly recommend it!

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Mar 19, Adam Krause rated it really liked it. Senior Daniel True is short, pale and overweight. His nickname is the Michelin Man, or Mitch for short. Mitch is the main character in the book and is trying to become a sports reporter. A majority of the book is at the school, but occasionally goes off into the football field.

The thematic connection is hard to pick up in this book. It is a sports novel, but all it talks about is how this new player is so good, and why the coach tries to hide him. I suppose there is a connection with perseverance. Showing how hard Mitch works to uncover the truth could be the theme.

This book is a good read for high school athletes. Most of the book is clean, but there is some language between the Coach and Mitch. I recommend it for sporty readers. View 2 comments. Oct 12, Ryan Koelbl rated it really liked it. Payback Time is a mystery thriller. It tells the story of a high school sports writer and a photographer who wants to write an exclusive story. I would recommend this book for 6th graders through college. If you are a football fan this will be the book for you; it will keep you intrigued throughout the entire mystery. If you are not the biggest football fan the mystery part of the story will keep you interested.

Payback Time Payback Time
Payback Time Payback Time
Payback Time Payback Time
Payback Time Payback Time
Payback Time Payback Time
Payback Time Payback Time

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