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After shooting the bazooka, the scene cuts to a backyard. The two survivors are sitting at a park bench. Aaron is trying to dare Emre to stick his new plastic bat up his butt and offering a canned peach as prize for accomplishing it. After reaching to a conclusion to proceed with the dare, they hear a rustling from the direction of the shack. They first think it is a zombie wearing a hazmat suit, but it turns out to be JWM, telling Aaron and Emre that he had found a cure.

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Aaron and Emre meet JWM who's being chased by cannibals. They run for about an hour and stop to catch a breath. They beat up zombie Adam and find a garage with a DeLorean in it. They reach an empty building but they are finally confronted by the cannibals. However the cannibals happened to just be coprophagians, poo-eaters, and was targeting Emre to harvest his poo.

Aaron uses his better judgement and the two flee, leaving the poo-eaters who get consumed by zombies nearby. Aaron and Emre drive off into the sunset on their Delorean.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is about the live action. On her arm, a fresh tattoo showed bundles of cash and her new acquaintance's street moniker in point cursive. Last week, Marvin Chavelle Epps was held without bail on federal child pornography charges over a video found at his arrest, in which the girl is seen performing a sex act on him while he calls her "bitch" and slaps her in the head with a roll of bills.

Though the girl, identified as "S. Epps' indictment highlights what experts say is an alarming trend of sexual traffickers using the internet to fill both the supply and demand sides of their business, recruiting troubled teenagers over online chat systems and social networking sites, then renting them out through adult ads on websites.

We've had pimps buy us bus tickets.

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Police and child protection agencies don't track recruitment sources, so there are no hard figures on the number of child sex-trafficking cases like these. But there's broad consensus among law enforcement and child-protection groups that incidents of online recruitment are growing.

We're seeing kids from the full spectrum of society, and a lot of that is due to recruitment over the internet. That doesn't mean, Allen and others say, that online recruitment can turn a happy kid into a prostitute by magic. But the internet is providing pimps with access to a vastly larger pool of troubled minors than they've had access to before.

Last June, a year-old Ohio girl ran away with a year-old Florida pimp named Alan Townsend, after meeting him on the social networking site Urbanchat.

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According to court records, Townsend used his senior prostitute, year-old Courtney Shine, to gain the victim's trust and convince her that a career in modeling awaited if she drove with them to Florida. Once they were on the road, Townsend let the teenager in on his plans to turn her into a prostitute. When she protested, he slapped her. After a tense drive to Orlando, the girl eventually slipped away and called her mother and the police using a borrowed cell phone. Townsend and Shine pleaded guilty to federal child sex-trafficking charges in December.

But if their kids are at risk, they're at more risk online. A photo from S. MySpace Even when children are recruited into a prostitution ring offline, they invariably wind up on the internet, thanks to a crop of websites that run advertisements for erotic services.

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Specialty adult sites like myRedBook and Eros. Responding to pressure from the NCMEC and the attorneys general of 40 states, Craigslist placed new limits on its adult ads last November.

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Nevertheless, a month after the measure was adopted, an underage girl missing from New Jersey turned up in a prostitution post on Craigslist. Police spotted her nude photo in an ad offering in-call services in Miami, 1, miles away from her home. She was rescued, and her alleged pimp, Ali Hakim, was indicted last month on sex trafficking and related charges. As pimps get wired, law enforcement is adapting. Police now routinely obtain search warrants for suspects' computers, digital cameras and cellphones, and search for their presence on social networking websites.

Pimps Go Online to Lure Kids Into Prostitution

Sometimes they get lucky. When federal agents in Detroit located the MySpace profile of suspected Craigslist pimp Dennis "Detroit Slim" Paige, they found his friendslist loaded with links to his alleged prostitutes and his embedded music player cued to a track in which Paige sings about the pleasures of life as a pimp.

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Paige's alleged associate Robert "Motor City Mink" Daniels even had a MySpace page promoting his "escort" service, and a page on the social networking site BlackPlanet. He faces a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison when he's sentenced in March.

Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks
Players, Pimps & Tricks Players, Pimps & Tricks

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