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Definitely not. If I want to spread my ideology I will have to go to Saudi Arabia. I have to go to the Qibla of Muslims. I have to go to the country that hosts the holy mosque. Because if I spread it there, it will reach everywhere. All those extremist groups, terrorists targeting our country to recruit more from our country, to spread their ideology in our country because they want it to be spread around the world.

He was outside Saudi Arabia. He should have been arrested. We were saying that he was a dangerous guy. He was a terrorist. That he had to be arrested immediately. We had terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. And we are doing that today in Saudi Arabia. One, fighting terrorists, get them, kill them or arrest them.

Two, fighting extremists. So all the extremist organizations in Saudi Arabia, we treat them as terrorist organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood. Actually if you see any terrorist, you will find that he used to be from the Muslim Brotherhood. Their main target is to radicalize Muslim communities in Europe.

They hope that Europe in 30 years will turn to a Muslim brotherhood continent, and they want to control the Muslims, in Europe by manipulating the Muslim Brotherhood. So fighting extremism is not only by going against them, spreading moderation, this is part of it. But there is also a lot of things that have to be done: recognizing those groups, putting laws to fight those groups, spreading what do you think it will take us to make people as a terrorist. You have to pay attention because this is the route of taking people to terrorism. So there is a lot of things that have to be tackled a different way.

We are trying to do our part in Saudi Arabia and our laws and our achievements in the security planning, security strategy and also in our media strategy and our education system, we did a lot. In the last three years we did a lot, also before that, and we are doing more in the future, and also we are doing a lot of things with a lot of countries around the world. But we feel that the Western countries, they are only trying to fight those extremists by just announcing opportunity of moderation and openness in the West.

If you want to fight them, you have to put them as a criminal in your laws. We have the Muslim Brotherhood including the Saruris. So a lot of documentaries around the world, are calling the Saruris as Wahhabis — actually we call them in Saudi Arabia Saruris.

So those ahead a little bit within the Muslim Brotherhood, viewing things more extremely in the Middle East.

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So we have the Muslim Brotherhood including the Saruris. But in our law they are criminals and whenever we have enough evidence against any one of them, they will face a court. What do you think has been the biggest American mistake in the Middle East in the last 15, 20 years? First of all, mistakes happen. Mistakes will not stop because we are human. So a country will make mistakes, individual will make mistakes.

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Our mission is how to minimize these mistakes as much as we can. I believe two big mistakes. I believe the United States of America should stop after they finish the job in Afghanistan and they should have focused on how to turn Afghanistan from an inferior state to a normal state. So this is one mistake.

The other mistake is taking the American forces out of Iraq and disbanding the Iraqi army. I want to go back to the internal. I was wondering if you were making any moves in respect to ending or rolling back public beheadings and executions. I believe until today the United States of America and a lot of states, they have capital punishment. But there are few areas that we can change it from execution to life in prison. He works by the law, by the book.

So there are laws also how the king functions as a king or as a prime minister. So we are working for two years through the government and also the Saudi parliament to build new laws in that area.

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And we believe it will take one year, maybe a little bit more, to have it finished. But we will not get it percent, but to reduce it big time. And in the same realm of law, human rights groups point to people who they consider political activists who are put in jail or bloggers.

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Are you sensitive to that subject? You talk about the ideal of freedom of speech.

Grant Oxche and his African Portrait Art

And they call them today the same thing, and we call them the Muslim Brotherhood Party or the Saruris Party or people that are linked to agencies and working for different countries. And in each case, when the investigation ends, we announce the details publicly. We do not delay it.

We said we will be ready to IPO around And we are ready. We did all the laws. We did all the steps that are making us ready to IPO it. So we believe oil prices will get higher in this year and also get higher in , so we are trying to pick the right time. But we are ready to IPO it now if the time is right. I was wondering with all these initiatives that you have, the solar initiative and some of the reforms at home, I was wondering how dependent that is on the finite nature of oil.

But according to the most conservative estimates from around the world they believe that it will continue growing till And to continue raising to an amount 1.

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And after that it will decline. So today the demand is around million barrels per day.

In it will be around million barrels per day. In it will go back to something around million barrels per day. But the ships and the planes it seems it will continue for quite a long amount of time because no one today is talking about electric planes or ships. When they start talking about it, we will see it materialize after 20 years.

So it will be in around 20 million barrels. And in , , it will be around 50 million barrels. So this is a new demand for oil. Just to give example, every one of you is wearing part of these petrochemicals and materials. In your buttons and your pen and your shoes and your phones you have some of these materials, and more will come such as carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is one of the best materials around the world. That will lower the price so we will see it used in planes, in ships, and in cars. So there is a new growing demand and continuity of demand. The other side is the supply. A lot of supply will disappear in the next 20 years. After five years, China will produce nothing. Today they produce around 4 million barrels per day. They will produce nothing in five years. And other countries after 10 years, a lot of countries disappear.

A lot of the supply coming from the United States of America will disappear after ten years.

proxy-africa-portraits 40 Proxy-africa-portraits 40
proxy-africa-portraits 40 Proxy-africa-portraits 40
proxy-africa-portraits 40 Proxy-africa-portraits 40
proxy-africa-portraits 40 Proxy-africa-portraits 40
proxy-africa-portraits 40 Proxy-africa-portraits 40

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