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Digital natives are entering their prime shopping years. When Walmart, with a poorer clientele, sells almost three times as much to its average American customer every year as Amazon does to its, there is plenty of room for Amazon to grow further. Sanford C. Scot Wingo of ChannelAdvisor, a company that helps online sellers, reckons that people with Prime spend around four times what others do and account for half of all spending at Amazon. Many Amazon activities that look tangential to shopping have been designed to make Prime even stickier. On June 12th it added more than a million songs.

A slow reader need never pay for one. And Amazon is very keen that they should own such devices. From the original Kindle, on which you could buy e-books, it moved to the Kindle Fire tablet, on which you could buy anything, and now the Fire Phone. The gadgets do pretty much anything that phones or tablets from Apple or Samsung do, and have nifty wrinkles—such as a direct video link to technical support, on the Fire and the Fire Phone—which others lack. They are also pretty cheap—Amazon does not propose to turn a profit on them. It does, though, integrate them thoroughly into its other services, making them little wardrobes that open out into the Narnia of everything it has to offer.

Outside the realm of e-books, Amazon has yet to make a great impression in the world of devices. Tablets from Apple and Samsung easily outsell the Kindle Fire—perhaps because, unusually for an Amazon emporium, its app store offers a smaller selection than do the others.

But the feature-packed Fire Phone shows that Amazon is not giving up. It has enriched search results for shoppers with Amazon-like images and prices.

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Then there is Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant soon to receive an infusion of cash through a share offering. It is planning a marketplace in America called 11 Main and is part-owner of ShopRunner, which promises two-day delivery from retailers. Or perhaps the threat will come from firms like Instacart, which lets people make deliveries in their spare time.

In the letter he sent to shareholders when Amazon went public in —and has had republished every year since—Mr Bezos warned that because of this focus the company would take a long-term view.

Adana Twins - Relentless ft. Jeppe Kjellberg

But long-termism takes investment. Its empire of warehouses and data centres changes that. Amazon still uses less capital than traditional retailers, observes Matt Nemer of Wells Fargo Securities.


But it is no longer capital-light. The flywheel is ever heavier—but must spin as fast. Though it may look bent on world domination, it often passes on ventures it thinks will not pay off, like moving into South Korea. It is hard to imagine it happening soon.

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  • That is not because Amazon always makes the right bets. But the bets he has placed on customers, patience, technology and scale appear to have paid off. And he has followed through on them relentlessly. This newsletter covers the last half of A lot has been going on in the ebbs and flows of the work.

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    Some weeks are full of speaking engagements, workshops and consultation meetings. Read More. Training Organizations Equipping organizations with health and wellness trainings, workshops, and guidelines for organizations to use in caring for beneficiaries — to help them build a bridge between their care for beneficiaries and a resource-challenged health care system.

    Learn More. Providing Direct Care of Beneficiaries Relentless helps bridge gaps in health care to organizations and beneficiaries where barriers to quality health care are difficult to overcome. Teaching and Speaking Teaching the public at large via speaking engagements, written articles, and social media.

    Now it is a race against time to see which moves faster—those suffering from the relentless problems or those who can stop them. Nothing illustrates this more tangibly than his relentless campaign against modern architecture. The relentless pace required us to impose a certain degree of emotional distance to get the job done.

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    It seems to be doomed to extermination through the relentless hunting of it for its fur. It was the relentless , unfaltering tread of Russia's iron heel. The words drilled themselves into his brain with relentless insistency.

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