Time Warriors: Beginnings

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I got an MVP already. I got scoring titles. We can see why Durant would have that line of thinking.

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The team never viewed Durant as one of them, even though they constantly preached that he was to the media. Is the culture the main reason Kevin Durant left the Warriors? After previously mentioning that Durant could get any extension he wants, Meyers said that the media misconstrued his words. Once you do any of these things, the best thing to do is to move to an area on the map that is not controlled by a ruler or a prefect.

This is usually indicated by a circle on the map. Once you move to this area, go to the option that allows you to raise your own banner.

You will have to fight for your right to rule with whoever it is that controls the area that you selected. Once you win, a cutscene will come on showing you staking your claim to the area and swearing yourself to bring an end to the chaos. Obviously, this is easiest done playing on the easiest difficulty and can be done with a regular character or a created officer. Remember, the more people that you have as sworn siblings and have recruited means the more people that will fight beside you in the battle.

All of them are intact and in good condition.

Stolen Child

We attribute her to Pazyryk culture, and we have preliminarily dated the burial as being 2, years old. The cheek piece is decorated with carving - on one end, the head of a snow leopard or wolf, and on the other a griffin. Pictures: Vasily Oinoshev, El Altai. There is evidence in the shattered grave that indicates the woman was a 'warlike' fighter, with a seemingly elite status in her society, a standing that intrigues archeologists after previous similar finds - and has been linked by one noted scientist to descriptions from Greek physician Hippocrates about the Sarmatians, which, like the Pazyryks, were a Scythian grouping famed for their mastery of mounted warfare.

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Dr Oinoshev said: 'Along with the remains we found beads, and wooden decorations in gold foil. The wood is decayed, but the foil is preserved. There is horse gear with bronze elements. There was an embossed cheek piece made of antler - part of the ancient bridle set.

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This was to obscure her horse's hind view, to allow it to race. There was pottery, only shards left, and some leather items, decayed, but it is clear that they were embossed.

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Dr Oinoshev, head of the Agency for Cultural and Historical Heritage in the Altai Republic, explained: 'The mound was 8 to 10 metres in diameter, the depth of the burial was 3. There was also a wooden construction - 2 x 2 metres. We presume that this was a rather wealthy girl, but that the burial chamber was robbed in ancient times.

The workers smashed through the ancient grave while digging a trench for a new water pipe near Bargash village. Pictures: Vasily Oinoshev.


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In other words, the grave would have had more valuable items in it - as found in a handful of similar burials which remained intact - but that these were stolen by ancient raiders. The bones of a horse and woman were partially mixed. Gold foil remained only under the skull. All this tells us that the burial was robbed long ago.

If we compare this with other Pazyryk sites, there are really big burial mounds of Pazyryk elite: they are metres in diameter and you can see that they were really rich. This girl was rather wealthy, not a common member of the society, but also not extremely rich.

Other finds will be passed to the local museum. The workers smashed through the ancient grave while digging a trench for a new water pipe near Bargash village, work that was undertaken without prior consultation with archeologists in a region famed for ancient graves, many of them preserved by permafrost.

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Dr Natalya Polosmak, speculated the 'teenage' warrior could have belonged to an elite all-female corps of warriors within the Pazyryk culture. In other similar but intact graves in the Altai Republic, archeologists have suggested a likeness in these 2, year old women to the fabled all-female virgin Amazon warriors of known to the Ancient Greeks.

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In one case, found in , in the ancient Ak-Alakha permafrost necropolis, nine horses were discovered buried with a woman, to escort her to the afterlife, along with shields, battle axes, bows and arrowheads.

Time Warriors: Beginnings Time Warriors: Beginnings
Time Warriors: Beginnings Time Warriors: Beginnings
Time Warriors: Beginnings Time Warriors: Beginnings
Time Warriors: Beginnings Time Warriors: Beginnings
Time Warriors: Beginnings Time Warriors: Beginnings

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