Upward, Outward, Inward

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The spiritual practice of prayer has been a challenge for me ever since college days. All of those have been good and helpful for a time. I realize that I need some kind of template to give form to my prayers. People I love and care about were falling apart and there was absolutely nothing I could do or say to help.

Upward, Inward, Outward | Daniel Fusco

I was desperate and grabbed the book on impulse. During down times during the conference, I devoured the book.

It jump started me on a new journey with God in prayer in deeper intimacy with Him. Larry lays out an amazing template for honesty and intimacy with God.

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I highly recommend this book and any book he has written as well. I have found that it is easier to talk about the spiritual practices surrounding the Bible than it is to talk about prayer. The Bible is about knowledge. Prayer is about heart and relationship.

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I love this, Brett. Especially the application to prayer. For many years I was in an accountability group.

Weekend Message Takeaway: “Upward, Inward, Outward"

We used the same idea, but in a different order: IOU. In other words, we were to be accountable inward, outward to each other , and upward to God. Your order is better because it puts God at the top. If I can figure out how to send our logo, I will. Also, ditto on Larry Crabb. His book Inside Out was life changing for me.

Like Like. Thanks Brett, I have been working on my own prayer life recently. Great challenge. Thank you so much for sharing this Brett. I appreciate what you said about being lifted from self-centeredness and panic … and instead involves praising and worshipping God who has revealed Himself in the Word and in Christ, taking the time to quietly contemplate and think about who God is.

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Outward, Inward, Upward

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  • Upward, Inward, Outward – Daniel Fusco.
  • Upward, Inward, Outward – Daniel Fusco.
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And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Do a word study in the New Testament on the word "friend".

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What does this tell you about Jesus calling you his friend? Click here to find class at a campus near you. New episodes release every Tuesday.

Upward, Outward, Inward Upward, Outward, Inward
Upward, Outward, Inward Upward, Outward, Inward
Upward, Outward, Inward Upward, Outward, Inward
Upward, Outward, Inward Upward, Outward, Inward
Upward, Outward, Inward Upward, Outward, Inward

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